TPro 02 Waterproof GPS Tracker

TPro 02

This vehicle GPS tracking devices in India is designed in such way for customers who simply need 24*7 tracking record. Have an all-around protection for your bikes and small cars. The smart vehicle GPS devices with the advance IP65 waterproofing element.

₹ 4719

TPro 03 GPS Tracker

TPro 03

The smartest customizable vehicle GPS tracking devices in India that is specially made to manage commercial cars and big vehicle as well. The best customizable GPS devices that is opting for your new generation advance featured car.

₹ 7079

TPro OBD2 Diagnostic & Vehicle Tracker


One vehicle GPS device that can help you solve your various cars’ need. This is one of the easiest GPS tracking devices to use for tracking our car. This GPS tracking devices are mainly used for diagnostic and tracking and also for high-end cars with push-button start.

₹ 5309


The vehicle GPS devices in India those are made of the most advanced features and that is made to ease your tracking task.

The TProGPS devices are made of very advanced features those make the trackers opting to enhance your business. Take the stress out about fleet management business with our AIS 140 certified Tpro GPS devices. The vehicle GPS tracking devices in India are rich in all the features those will help keep you updated about your car and business

Real Time Tracking System

Know the exact location

You can get the real-time track benefits using our TPro GPS devices in India. They are featured with the real-time tracking system. IT helps you improve the system and thereby your GPS device quality standards.

Overspeed Alarm notification in Trakingpro App

Prevent your car from the unwanted incidents

The GPS devices are made of such features those will prevent your car from collision or theft etc. you can have a blended featured of vehicle GPS devices across the mobile and the vehicle devices.

Geo Fencing Alarm available in TrakingPro App


Using the GPS devices you can get the geo-fencing feature you can set your zonal area so that you get alerted when your car enters your location. So, this feature of vehicle GPS devices helps you benefit on a whole.

Smart-Live Tracking Facility in the TrakingPro App

Real-time based GPS tracking device

Real-time tracking is the process of keeping you updated. Using this process you can quickly and easily locate your vehicle while they are on the road or at the place of work. The vehicle GPS device updates your whereabouts of every single movement.

Speed management

The third good practice manual jointly prepared by GRSP, WHO, the FIA Foundation and the World Bank, on speed management. It’s mandatory to have control over your driving speed. Speed has been identified as a key risk factor in road traffic injuries. Now it’s easier to keep track on your car’s speed limit. So, this is one of the important things that need to be followed consciously. Your fleet vehicle GPS tracking device management will become easier while using the TPro GPS devices. You will be notified after crossing the highest limit of speed.

Gps Device Running Vehicle
Tpro 01 Personal GPS Tracker
Light weight GPS tracker

We provide the best vehicle GPS devices those are easy to maintain. As the smaller and lighter the tracking devices are the easier its usage is. GPS devices those are specially made to meet the personal purposes like using this kind of GPS devices you can track your pet, the smallest member of your family and the elder child of your family too.

Easy maintenance management

Run your entire management more efficiently and effectively with the help of the software that helps you enhance your business. Now it has become easier to schedule your streamline, with the maintenance operations and work order management. Through this preventative maintenance scheduling, inventory and parts management, purchasing, custom reporting and maintenance cost accounting tools..

On-Board Diagnostic GPS Tracker
Real-time tracking.
Frequent location update.
Enable of using embedded SIM.
Auto connect with GPRS alarm.

Download Our TrakingPro App

TrakingPro, a product owned by Shireen Electronics Private Limited which was established in the year 2014, is based on GPS tracker technology and provides GPS tracking services. Now we are up with a new mobile tracking application that is completely free of cost.

Innovation is the only way we make ourselves efficient. Now you don't need any kind of GPS tracking device to track your phone. Our tracking solution has become even easier and handy. You can keep an eye on your phone or the person you want by only installing the application. This is super quick and easy. Your phone security is just a click away.

This is free mobile monitoring software that needs only the basic mobile information to allow you to know in detail of your whereabouts. Its easy to use and includes a wide range of features that too completely free of cost.

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Gps Tracking through Mobile App

Download Our TrakingPro App

TrakingPro has made the tracking task easier with the help of TrakingPro app. You can use the tracking app whenever you want in a hassle-free manner. It’ll be linked to your vehicle and through the vehicle GPS devices you have a complete overview on your vehicle’s movement. Using out GPS devices and the application you will be able to live track your vehicle at any moment, from anywhere in the world.

Push Notification from GPS Tracking Device

Push notification

There is a channel built into every GPS device. It allows the GPS devices to reach out to the users with short messages. It’s an initial and important communication channel used in the GPS device.

Keep Event Data Stored in the TrakingPro App

Event data log

this is one of the features that makes you notified about the alert of the GPS device. This segment makes you get alerted about all the features that have been used in the GPS device.

Trakingpro Provides Gps Device Support

Scalable and powerful support

Powerful fleet GPS devices are designed to ease your problem and to grow your business. The application is flexible enough to give you assistance of any GPS device you can change accordingly.

hassle free installation settings of all the products

Hassle-free installation

- Considering your hectic schedule we have arranged our technical GPS devices installation procedure easier. Installation of your GPS device is easier like never before. Within an hour you will get your asset ready to use