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TrakingPro also launches the AIS 140 Government Certified vehicle GPS tracking device with an emergency button named TPro 05.

GPS Tracker for mobile devices


TrakingPro trackers work across all state and city boundaries. This means you will know the location even if your vehicle has moved however far from its original location
TPro 02 Waterproof GPS Tracker

TPro02 WaterProof GPS Tracker

Have you ever thought of knowing the where about of your Vehicle? Yes right? I know we all have this kind of thoughts that leave us worried. TrakingPro has brought to you the TPro02 vehicle tracker that can solve your problem.
This TPro vehicle tracker real time tracking that helps to track your car easily. So, if you have a car that you want to track, then installing a vehicle tracker can be the best option.
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TPro 03 Vehicle Tracker

TPro03 Vehicle Tracker

Here we are presenting a standard vehicle tracker for cars that has customized advanced features. This vehicle tracker is mainly used for heavy vehicles like buses trucks etc. To grow your business rapidly you need to install a vehicle tracker like TPro 03 vehicle tracker.
Don’t worry about your big cars they will be taken care of by this advance featured vehicle tracker. If you have a vehicle that is quite rich in the specification so this kind of vehicle trackers can be the perfect choice for you.
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TPro OBD2 Diagnostic & Tracking Device online

TPro OBD2 Diagnostic Tracker

Looking for the perfect tracker for your personal car? So, don’t worry we can fulfill your need . Use TPro OBD2 vehicle tracker which is Diagnostic Tracker and it is mainly used for High-end cars with push-button start. This OBD02 vehicle tracker is mainly used for Fleet management, Trucks, and Trailers
This vehicle tracker is rich in features. Experience the features those will definitely meet your need.
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TPro 01 Personal GPS Tracker

TPro 01 Personal GPS Tracker

Not only the cars we know that the pets of your house are very special for you. So we kept this thought in our mind and we are presenting the smallest personal GPS tracker for your pet. Now you can leave your pet out and you can also sit back home by using the smallest personal GPS tracker ever. You can track your pets’ position easily. This personal GPS tracker is meant for your pet, now your pet can also enjoy the atmosphere.
Now you may be thinking that what are the benefits that you are going to avail of this personal GPS tracker. So we will be discussing the feature below.
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Gps Tracking Mobile Device

Choosing TrakingPro Mobile is a benefit

Want to get a free and quality monitoring application? TrackingPro Mobile is the option for you to fulfill the requirements

  • Free of cost
  • Easy and simple installation and use
  • Monitoring exact activities
  • Fully compatible with Android and IOS

How to use

  • Create an account- Be the user first by simply entering your E-mail ID
  • Install and configure- Download and install the application following two simple steps by following the explanation video
  • Let’s get started- Login and start monitoring the phone
Gps Device app in google Play
Waterproof GPS Car Tracker pic

TPro 02

  • Real-time tracking
  • Geo-fence alarm
  • Over speed alarm
₹ 4719
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TPro 03 Vehicle Tracker online

TPro 03

  • Real-time tracking
  • Door detection alarm
  • History trace replay
₹ 7079
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TPro OBD2 Dignostic Tracker


  • Non-install easy tracking
  • Door detection alarm
  • ignition on alarm
₹ 5309
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TPro 01 Personal and Portable GPS Tracker

TPro 01

  • Waterproof silicon case
  • SOS alarm
  • Voice listening
₹ 5899
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