TPro 02 GPS Vehicle Tracker

TPro 02

A Waterproof GPS Tracker which is mainly used in Bikes and Cars
TPro 03 Waterproof GPS Tracke

TPro 03

Vehicle GPS Tracker which is used to track any kind of Vehicles, Fleets, Big or small with many features like Overspeed Alarm

TPro OBD2 Diagnostic & Vehicle Tracker


Used mainly for Diagnostic & Tracking it is mainly used for High end cars with push button start.


Our GPS trackers are all AIS 140 certified which comes with provides different features with which you can keep track of your vehicle from a distance, you will be notified if your vehicle is overspeeding or if someone tries to break in your car. It also has features which keep records of your Vehicles movement, Location and Status upto a month.
Accident Alarm Available in App

Alerts for Collisions/Accidents

Instant warning in case of crashes or other mishaps
Engine Monitoring by TrakingPro App

Fuel and Engine Monitoring

keep a check on fuel usage and monitor your engine's health status
SOS Alarm available in TrakingPro Devices

SOS Alarm

Instant notification by someone pressing the panic button by inside the vehicle
Smart-Live Tracking Facility in the TrakingPro App

Smart Live tracking

Provision of the accurate location of your vehicles


Based in Kolkata, we provide the industry’s finest tracking devices, along with warrantie, to insure that you, your family and your assets are safe and secure, and you can keep a close eye on them at all times, from anywhere in the world.

TrakingPro is a GPS tracking company that uses GPS tracking devices along with an app to track just about anything you need, including your vehicles, your pets or even your elderly grandparents. Some of the features include real time and exact location, alerts for burglary, geo-fencing and for cars over speeding and many more alerts. The GPS Tracker which is a robust device is also conveniently small and comes at incredibly discounted rates.


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Four Wheeler using GPS Trackers by the TrakingPro App


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Download Our TrakingPro App

To get the best of TrakingPro you will need to download the TrakingPro app. It’ll be the link to your vehicle and through it you have a complete overview on your vehicle’s movement. With the app you will be able live track your vehicle at any moment, from anywhere in the world.

hasstle free installation settings of all the products

Hassle free installation

Considering that you are a busy person, we will install your GPS vehicle tracker within moments and will be out your way in no time!

Alerts given in the phone for all the features of the product

Alerts for Over Speeding

You will get an immediate alert on TrakingPro app, if your vehicle has crossed the high speed limit.

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