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The countdown has begun- Every commercial Vehicle is bound to fix a GPS tracking device.

‘Autos, cars, trucks and buses must install the device in line with Centre and apex court direction.’
Installation of the global positioning system (GPS) is mandatory for all commercial transport vehicles all over the country by this coming New Year to bring transparency in the transportation system
All commercial vehicles must include GPS tracking devices even the auto rickshaws need to avail the service. The cars, trucks, and buses, have to install GPS in line with the Centre and the Supreme Court’s direction. The GPS device must contain the panic button to make the environment even safer like never before. The vehicle that doesn’t contain a GPS device with SOS button won’t get clearance license to continue their job. Those violating the rule cannot use the vehicle for commercial purpose or transportation.

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AIS-140 Certified GPS tracking Devices

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The rule was supposed to implement from last year i.e. from 1st April of 2018. The installation of GPS is mandatory for the vehicles that have obtained permit certificate from Regional Transport Offices. According to section 2 and sub-section 35 in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the vehicle should install the GPS and panic button. However, it is being said that installing any GPS devices is not mandatory for two, three-wheelers and e-rickshaw.

AIS 140 GPS Tracking Devices

But due to the extension notice, the rule gets delayed by almost one year. Now the countdown has started to implement the government rule.

From 1st of April, 2019 it is mandatory to fix a GPS tracker device in every commercial vehicle. It will bring transparency to curb theft.

The vehicle owner can easily get notified using the TrakingPro mobile tracking application.

With the central government's deadline for existing passenger transport vehicles along with new vehicles would now have the safety feature in place. The state government will ensure that the safety system is in place.

So, the countdown has begun to fix GPS tracking device and to be in the race .