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Government making GPS Tracking mandatory from April

As per Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has made global positioning System GPS Devices mandatory for public transports from 1st April, 2018.
(ARAI) has framed AIS Guideline known as AIS 140. In order to comply with AIS guidelines every commercial vehicle will need to have a GPS tracking system, camera surveillance and an emergency button. This will help the department in tracking the bus in case of any emergency and also enable the passengers to apprise the control room of any kind of mishap or other emergencies .

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Both the existing vehicles as well as the future ones will be required to be fitted with GPS and emergency button. This implies that the automotive OEMs along with aftermarket companies and Tier 1 suppliers need to have these systems ready.

AIS Certified GPS Devices
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Moreover, the vehicle health monitoring system will seek expertise of automotive embedded solution providers as CAN Stacks, OBD Stacks, and J1939 Stacks will have to be configured and integrated in the vehicles
AIS 140 standard will also play a vital role in bringing the much-needed change in transport industry. Incorporation of Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Augmented Reality (AR) in public transport vehicles will be expedited once this standard is implemented in its entirety

The Regulation of AIS 140 has been an addition to safety improvisation helps vehicle owners and transporters to manage or track every movement of the vehicles.

Using of the right Gps tracking solution transporters can increase their vehicle safety, efficiency and also their profit rate by 10%-15 %condition of the car as well as if we are breaking any traffic rules