TrakingPro has gained the reputation as a leading company in GPS tracker sector from the very beginning and an acknowledged pioneer of GPS tracking devices in india. We have enhanced the GPS tracker technology to its advanced level

Earlier, it was beyond of thinking of live tracking but the blessings of science have made the task easier with the advance featured GPS tracking devices for cars. Research on GPS technology has made TrakingPro perfect in GPS tracker technology sector. We have made these GPS tracking devices considering all the problems on Indian roads.

Now track your car anytime you want using the GPS tracking devices for car. Find your pets location with the help of our GPS tracker technology using the TPRO 01 personal GPS tracker only.

Keep an eye on your Kids and your Personal Assets as well. We can help you get the task done using our GPS tracker mobile application. Extend your visibility with real time tracking facility with the help of TrakingPro GPS tracker.

We offer many features that will help you increase your goodwill and lead you to success using our GPS tracker. Services we offer are -



We offer well-organized support requests of GPS tracking devices for cars to serve you better. We utilize our full strength to solve your problem. For over 5 years TrakingPro has done the wonders with clients to deliver the premium support as well as to the distributors and to the end users as well. Our fleet management solution enhances the demand for our GPS tracking devices in India

   OUR AIM :

Our main focus is to give proper support of GPS Tracker technology and success to the distributors and to the end users too.

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We provide our clients with the integrated guided training sessions, including technical, marketing and all the other support that helps you to enhance your knowledge of GPS tracking devices for cars and business limits too.





Our aim is to provide the best GPS tracker system support to the clients. We have a wide range of GPS tracking devices to suggest you the best GPS tracker option for you. We just collect some information for what type of vehicle you need the GPS tracker which are

  • ELD Mandate
  • Vehicle inspection.
  • GPS work order management.


: Our GPS tracker consultants help you choose the right device for your Vehicles. These GPS tracker will meet all your needs and help you overcome the issues that you were facing previously.


The GPS tracker, that we deliver helps you streamline your business through integration. We provide the hassle-free installation service to our clients to make the way to use the GPS tracker technology a little easier

  Onboard training :

We work to ease our clients’ pain area. So we provide reports and training session that are appropriate to get them updated about the GPS tracker technology and the tools to reduce the pain.

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Selling the GPS tracker technology is not the only motto of our company. Our priority is to make clients feel the GPS Tracker and our services are worthy. After using the GPS tracker in case of difficulties we are just a phone call away


TrakingPro, a product owned by “Shireen Electronics Private Limited” which was established in the year 2014, is based on GPS tracker technology and provides GPS tracking devices. These GPS trackers are specially made to track your precious assets and keep you alert. You can easily track the location using our Tpro GPS tracker. Track your pet using the personal GPS tracker. Access to the GPS tracking devices with the TrakingPro Application.

Our GPS tracker comes with beneficial features which will prevent collisions and unwanted incidents as in theft, burglary etc. So one GPS tracking devices can do many wonders.

Shireen Electronic Private Limited is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been approved and granted the MSME certificate, and successfully registered in startup India as well.

Since the Start our teams’ constant R&D has made our GPS Tracker reach a higher position. TrakingPro has become one of the best brand in GPS tracker technology. We have scored a secured place in GPS tracking devices industry . TrakingPro has become the Brand with the best GPS tracking Devices in india. With our very hard-working and focused team, we have come so far and promise to keep the standard up in this GPS tracker sector.

Latest Achievements

Web Summit in lisbon of TrakingPro


Lisbon , Portugal

It was held in Lisbon, Portugal in 2017. We were crowned as the 100 startups in web summit. Here we showcased our GPS tracker technology to the world.

Team in portugal showing GPS Devices


Lisbon , Portugal

This has become the “Europe’s largest and most important technology conference” and the crossroads for the world’s largest buyer and sellers of GPS tracker technology. In this summit, we showed our GPS tracker to the ministers of Portugal and upgraded our position in a better place.

TradeFair in Kolkata


Science City

In the year 2017 TrakingPro team attended the IIMFT trade fair at science city to demonstrate the TPro GPS tracker product to the entrepreneurs at the trade fair. This event features also foreign products including GPS Tracker companies as well, the participation of central government etc. All together it was a great effort by the team to showcase our GPS Tracker and to mark a significant footstep in the competition of GPS tracker sector.

Web summit 2017


So, after the AIS 140 certification has been amended every commercial vehicle are bound to fix GPS tracker with AIS 140 certification. Following the AIS 140 standard, we have designed our GPS tracker in such a way so that it can meet the expectation of ARAI. We have made the GPS tracker considering the norms to make the GPS tracker obey the ARAI rules. We have fulfilled the requirement of ARAI norms to meet the need of our upcoming GPS tracker. We are also introducing a New Application with which you can keep track of your mobile phone without any GPS Tracker. Register on our app and you can get track of your lost phone in a matter of seconds. Get the Job of GPS Tracker done without installing a GPS Tracker.

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