TrakingPro, a product owned by Shireen Electronics PVT LTD which was established in 2014, is based on GPS technology and provide GPS Tracking products, applications and services. With TrakingPro, you can track your personal or commercial vehicle in real time and from anywhere in the world, right from your TrakingPro smart phone application! Some of our services include Geo fencing which alerts you incase the vehicle has passed the boundary it is programmed to stay in, accident or collision alerts if the vehicle gets into an accident or crash, anti-theft alerts to protect it from burglars, real time tracking to ensure safety of loved ones and assets and over-speeding alerts when the car is going over the recommended speed limit.

Shireen Electronics PVT LTD is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and has been approved and granted the MSME certificate, and successfully registered in Startup India as well.

Our Company does Research and Development in GPS Technology in order to make a safer and secure, and more economical future, to protect the lives of your loved ones while also providing comfort.

We market for companies all across India as well as its neighboring countries. We are fully dedicated to our goal which includes becoming India's best GPS Vehicle Tracking system.

Latest Achievements

Web Summit Portugal


Lisbon , Portugal

TrakingPro attended the 2017 Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal ( The Largest tech conference in the world) as an Alfa Start-up Company. TrakingPro was placed as top 100 Startup in Web Summit.

Web Summit Lisbon


Lisbon , Portugal

The TrakingPro team at Web Summit 2017, lisbon Portugal displaying their products to the Economic Minister of Portugal Manuel Caldeira Cabral at the web summit.

Portugal 2017


Lisbon , Portugal

The Prime Minister of Portugal Mr. Antonio Costa visiting TrakingPro’s Kiosk at Web Summit 2017, at Lisbon, Portugal

Trade fair Science City


Science City

TrakingPro Team at 2017, IIMTF at Science City demonstrating the products to the entrepreneurs at trade fair.

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